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Promo Teaser

"Blast Echelon" - the fresh and new gaming experience is here and aims to redefine the MOBA genre! Featuring multiple equippable items and game modes, each with unique and rich game mechanics, custom made maps, themes and areas, the game allows you to play solo or team up with friends or random players. Play to unlock the colorful characters and skins, get new items, upgrade your arsenal and master your skills to become one of the very best “Blast Echelon” players!

Alpha Release Edit

We are in Alpha release, so the game will be only accessible during limited-time Alpha playing sessions. Download the Alpha NOW! 👉


Join the intense multiplayer real-time MOBA-style action!

Attack with your melee and primary items and carefully utilize the available secondary items, all occupying precious, limited inventory space.

Navigate the custom-made maps, the carefully placed elevated areas and cover yourself up behind the different, destructible barricades.

Play “Domination“, “Assault“, “Blast ball” and other unique game modes, each featuring different challenges and game mechanics!

Unlock many unique characters and their colorful personalities, explore the “Blast Echelon” backstory, and upgrade your items to become one of the very best “Blast Echelon” players!

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